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But how?!

That’s the question we hope to answer when people and organizations realize that their relationships need improving. The goal, is not just healthy relationships, though that IS a goal. The goal is the outcomes you’re looking for as two people, a church, a project team, a company. The healthy relationships, while a necessary end in themselves, are a means to more successful outcomes, and happier people.

We draw on have several decades of previous research and practice on relationships to inform a range of solutions:

  • Workshops: small group (~25) – to provide a framework and tactics to help community or church groups
  • Webinars and hangouts – to inform and connect relational thinkers and doers!
  • Formal training – to equip people with specific skills (e.g. A Relational Manager)
  • Consulting advice – to advise on practices and policies to positively influence relationships

We’re looking to pilot these in the coming months. If you’re interested, contact us!