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It’s easy and intuitive to say “relationships are important” but we want to demonstrate it, philosophically and empirically. That includes demonstrating the causes and consequences of relationships going wrong as well as when they go right. We’ll be building on the decades of research and practice done around the world.

Our research focus is not on the typical psychology and emotion of relationships that in some way transcend all, although they’re obviously a big factor. We’re more interested in, for a start:

1. The underlying dynamics of relationships between individuals, groups, organizations and institutions.
2. Which relationships have the biggest impact on organizational and institutional goals.
3. How those relational dynamics differ according to context – marriage, neighbor, CEO, shareholder, corporate regulator, pastor, community member etc.
4. How organizational or governmental policies and decisions impact, and are impacted by, relationships.
5. The causal link between relationships and social capital.
6. What relational practices, policies and goals of a group or organization have been shown to produce great outcomes.

Our research will also be an ongoing verification of the Relational Proximity framework, enabling us to create a suite of assessment questions and tools and reinforce the explanatory power of the framework.

Over time this page will show the fruit of out labors! If you’re interested to know more, contact us!