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Our History

The rWorld draws significant inspiration for its activities from the pioneering work of Michael Schluter CBE, in the United Kingdom, whose thirty years of work in a variety of contexts around the world have illustrated the importance and power of relational thinking. Schluter’s work, and that of others he has inspired – particularly through the Relationships Foundation in the UK – provides persuasive evidence that the language of relationships, relational analysis, and interventions that directly impact relationships, all have a positive influence on discourse, decisions, organizational & institutional structures, practices and goals.

The examples of this real-world work that we draw on include:

  • Conflict resolution in South Africa, Rwanda and Sudan
  • Breakthrough research in “work-life balance & family breakdown” in Australia
  • “Triple-bottom line” organizational reporting– global
  • Charitable bonds to overcome unemployment in inner-city United Kingdom
  • Inter-professional collaboration in health and social care  – United Kingdom
  • Relational Business Charter – United Kingdom
  • Relational Justice – United Kingdom
  • Stakeholder relationship measurement and reporting – South Africa
  • Environmental protection – Sudan
  • Couples and Family policy research and advocacy- United Kingdom
  • “Maturation” and child-adolescent development research – academic research conducted jointly in the United Kingdom and United States

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